Who We Are

Imagine making money from everyday activities. Get paid while making recurrent utility bills payment, buying airtime, and bundle. GSM offers leverage to earn while you spend.

GSM offers a platform that allows users to purchase airtime across all networks, buy data and pay for utilities. The platform has two types of users: agents and subscribers. Agents are users who retail airtime and the other offerings on the platform to customers. Subscribers, on the other hand, are users who purchase airtime for themselves, use the other offerings on the platform as well as recommend (refer) the platform to other users. Both agents and subscribers are paid commissions on their airtime sales and purchases. Subscribers are paid commissions for the airtime purchase of their referrals.

You become a member of a team of active consumers and salespeople where our corporate staff is always available to train and assist you.

Mission & Vision

World's #01 Personal Airtime for cash Website.

To provide a platform that offers convenient service and earnings to our advocate customers on their spending on things used every day.

  • Keep building Team
  • Earn whiles you spend
  • Easy Website Listing
  • 24/7 Online Support

Entry Levels

There are 3 entre levels for everyone, Regular, Premium, and Executive.

  • I. Regular membership: This level allows users to buy all products on the platform. This package also allows users to recommend the platform to others and retail to them to earn commissions.
  • II. Premium membership: Regular members who wish to upgrade to become premium members have to purchase the Premium Membership package for Ghc100.00. The package includes a GSM-branded watch, earn premium commissions, and progress in Premium Leadership Ranks.
  • III. Executive membership: Premium members can upgrade by purchasing the Executive membership package for Ghc500.00. The package includes a GSM-branded executive watch, earn executive commissions, and progress in Executive Leadership Ranks.